The Gargantua of Barkhamstead, CT

While Anselm of Canterbury's famous philosophical nugget was meant for no more than to simply illuminate the splendor of God to the unbelievers of old, someone nonetheless must have imagined as an intellectual curiosity the largest possible human being, one that could not be possibly any bigger if anyone could even try. That intellectual curiosity would nine months later emerge in Barkhamstead, CT.

In Case it Rains

—So sad, said Mr. Earwicker. —Yes, said Mr. Estragon, —but when I think about all the wonderful things in the world that God has given us, I truly feel better than the man who has made love to all the angels of paradise. —Yes, said Mr. Earwicker.


I scanned the present company, whose vices were all spoken for, scanned the beach around me for anyone who might be present against my knowledge, and then, of course, excluded the possibility of myself. I reassured the company before me that none of us suffered from superbia, and thank goodness for that.