About the Author


My name is Garrett McMahon.

I write short stories and post them on here. None of them have been published yet, but don’t let that fool you. They are extremely good and you should read them and like them.

In addition to good writing, I also enjoy emotional validation (compliments, story suggestions, etc.). Feel free to tell me how good I am here.

Here’s another fun suggestion: Give me the occupation of a main character, and three disparate things I have to include in a story, and I will write a story based on these requirements. These have usually turned out, as I said before, extremely good.

You can expect a new piece to post on here every Monday, providing no disasters delay me. I picked Monday because it’s well-known that Monday is the worst day, so you might as well read a good yarn to offset the misery of the beginning of the week.

Thanks for taking a look at my stuff, I hope you enjoy it.