In Case it Rains

—So sad, said Mr. Earwicker. —Yes, said Mr. Estragon, —but when I think about all the wonderful things in the world that God has given us, I truly feel better than the man who has made love to all the angels of paradise. —Yes, said Mr. Earwicker.

Frank and Gordon in: Footprints

His voice has the sound of angels, and his righteous solos give strength to the downtrodden man. But, some people, cynical people who chose not to see the light, they persecute and revile him! They call his lyrics hackneyed and trite, his populist working-man ethos too derivative of Bruce Springsteen! And yet, Jon Bon Jovi so loves rock and roll, that he still rocks to this day!


I scanned the present company, whose vices were all spoken for, scanned the beach around me for anyone who might be present against my knowledge, and then, of course, excluded the possibility of myself. I reassured the company before me that none of us suffered from superbia, and thank goodness for that.